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As they say - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Happiness and fulfilment in life is about reaching very close to your aspirations and dreams. But many of us go through life without knowing much of where we are going and why. A Life coach will help bring in clarity in the purpose of your life. 


Life coaching is simply about where you are now and where you want to go, and how to bridge it. This is effective for students and young professionals, who see options and success around them and get disillusioned with what life has to offer. A life coach will help you strategies and build techniques, which assist in you reaching your goals faster.


Based on the experiences with his clients and also a great understanding from the end results of the therapies with the clients, Dr. Rajah developed a new tool, combining Hypno Therapy and Life Coaching, and aptly named it ‘Hypno-Life Coaching’. The difference between Life Coaching and Hypno Life Coaching is that in Life coaching you cull out information from the seeker on an open conversation basis whereas in Hypno-Life Coaching the same is done on the regression mode of the Client. When on an regression, the sub-conscious mind divulges much more about the clients life and based on the findings the client is given a full de-brief of the goals/purposes and then based on what the client is keen to accomplish, the Life Coaching starts with a very clear building blocks and time lines. This module gives a very clear understanding to the client and makes it easy to go after the goals/life purpose-both short and long term. Students and corporate executives find this module very effective and less time consuming. Also seeding the sub-conscious mind does all the necessary spadework, which makes the client feel at ease and hungry to accomplish the goals/life purpose. Rajah also does sessions on Skype!!


When working with corporates, Dr. Rajah gets a clear understanding on the company’s goals, figures out whether the goals are aligned with the employees and start the session from this point.

Rajah is a certified member of IMDHA, Laceyville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Rajah also imparts ‘stress releasing’ breathing exercises and simple Earth and HS meditation using colour visualization!! Something which is offered only at Heal n Hale!!!

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