Hi... I am Dr. RL Rajah.

Have a Blessed Day and an Amazing Life!

Integrated Hypno / Regression Therapist and Healer

Rajah is a certified Hypno Therapist, Pranic Healer, Life Coach, Acupuncturist, SuJok Acupuncturist and Bach Flower therapist. Incidentally, he is also the Managing Director of a professional organisation.


Rajah is ably assisted by his team of focused and able 'Healers', in Padma Kumar and Kavitha Shankar-women of substance with amazing healing touch, at Heal n Hale. Extremely passionate about alternative medicines, Rajah & his team, are committed to spread the benefits of Hypno/regression therapy, Pranic, Acupuncture /SuJok Acupuncture and Bach flower therapies through Heal n Hale.


Rajah is a master in PLR (Past Life Regression), Age regression, identifying karmic baggages and guiding people towards realizing their Life Purpose. Rajah has cured people suffering from frozen shoulders, asthma, knee pains, fear phobia, bossitis, addictions of all kinds, insomnia, migraine, depressions et al.


Rajah has helped people to release vows, oaths and curses.  He has helped students kill the fear/anxiety factor (exam fear is the most common), interview syndromes, public speaking, improve focus and concentration and improved performance.


Businessmen with issues on lack of motivation/morale within the company, Break-Through thinking, development of senior managers, benefitted from Rajah's inputs through his sessions.


Dr. Rajah is also a Tarot card and Angel card reader. Dr. Rajah conducts sessions on Skype for those who are too busy to commute! He has specialized in making the Skype sessions as effective as ‘in person’. But this is only for who find time a major constraint!!!