Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnother
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnother
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnother
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnother
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnother


Hypno Therapy


  • In your subconscious mind lies the root of all your ailments and predicaments

Pranic Healing


Helps cleanse the energy of your body and help prevent diseases

Sujok Accupuncture


A drug-free therapy,  manipulating the energy points for the whole body, through hand and feet

TCM Body Accupuncture


Needles inserted at points of energy pathways through the body, to restore balance of the life force or energy.

Bach Flower Theraphy


Restores the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision, which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole

Tarot & Angel Card Reading


  • Get from the angel’s wisdom, what the life holds for you

Hypno Life Coaching

A new tool developed by Rajah, combining Hypno therapy and Life Coaching

Numerology, Astrology & Pronology


What do the stars foretell about you!


Heal n Hale is the coming together of like-minded, committed and experienced therapists/healers, who are extremely passionate about healing with a spiritual touch. The team, led by Dr. Rajah Ph.D. is committed to spread the benefits of Hypno/Regression Therapy, Pranic Healing, Body/SuJok acupuncture and Bach Flower therapies.


Rajah is a master of PLR (Past Life Regression), Age Regression, identifying karmic baggages and guiding people towards realizing their Life purpose. At Heal n Hale, Rajah and his team have advised many  on how to manage their pain due to frozen shoulders, asthma, arthritis, phobias, 'bossitis', addictions,  insomnia, migraine et al.


Heal n Hale is the ultimate destination for experiencing the inner peace,  which leads to a highly productive and fulfilling life. After your session at Heal n Hale, if you are an individual, a student, in a relationship or starting a family-you can find renewed energy and contentment inside you and your loved ones.  Better business results whether own or employed. Just STRESS FREE LIFE!

Member: IMDHA Pennsylvania.(imdha@imdha.com)

EARTh (Earth Association of Regression Therapy-Netherlands).  www.earth-association.org 



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Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Accupuncture, Life Coaching, Parenting
Kavitha Shankar
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Accupuncture, Life Coaching, Parenting
Dr. RL Rajah
Integrated Hypno / Regression Therapist and Healer
Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Accupuncture, Life Coaching, Parenting
Padma Kumar


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Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Heal n Hale

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Dr. Rajah at a workshop

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Kavitha and Padma at a healing session

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Hypno Therapy session

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Dr. Rajah at a healing session

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnothera

Heal n Hale team



I was suffering from acute pain spondylosis for over 10 years and tried everything. Finally my friend Mala recommended me Heal n Hale. After about two months of combination of SuJok and Body Acupuncture and amazing care, I have started playing my shuttle and feel am blessed. The beauty about Heal n Hale is the personal attention you get here. When you are on treatment there is no disturbance and its by appointments only which made me feel great!

- Malar, Home maker,Chennai

I had this heavy shoulders, as if carrying around a huge burden all around. Doctor’s adviced pain balms, and I knew they didn't understand my problem. It was difficult at work, with tiredness creeping in within few hours. I knew this was not some usual muscle pull or stretch problem. This brought me to Heal n Hale. Rajah is very experienced, and talking to him, i realised I had come across that one person who understands my problem. We had three rounds of Past Life Regression, and now I am fit and fine. I truly recommend Heal and Hale to anyone who know they have a problem but others do not understand It

- Boobalan

Business Owner, Pondicherry

I used to get irritated very fast and went to Heal n Hale on the recommendation of my colleague! It was a great experience for me spending time with Rajah. In exactly 3 sessions spread over one week, I re-invented myself!!! Even the Mumbai traffic doesn’t affect me any more!!

- Deepak Shah, Mumbai


Strangely I read in a novel that we can go for counselling to get over boss fear. I hated going to work every day. My performance was going down because of my intolerant boss. Even though I knew he was unreasonable most of the time, I kept quiet. After coming to Heal n Hale, its been magic. I feel good about myself and supremely confident at work. I don't talk back to my boss, but I do put across my point of view now

- Ravi Chelladurai,

Sales Manager, Chennai



  • Isn't Hypno-Therapy nothing but Hypnotism and Mesmerism?

    • Absolutely not: Client who goes through Hypno therapy will be first put in to a trance and he/she would know what exactly happening when in Trance. This is pure science. It’s all about mind and how you awaken the sub-conscious mind and through age and past life regression find the root cause of the issue.

  • How many sessions are required?

    • There is no thumb rule on this. Depends up on the issues and also the client’s commitment to therapy. Anything between 3 to 10.

  • Whats the difference between Hypno-Therapy and Pranic Healing?

    • Hypno Therapy is all about awakening the subconscious mind and finding out the root cause of the issue. 

    • Pranic Healing is about using the life force energy from sun-air-earth to cleanse, energize and align the Chakras in our system for optimum health benefits.

  • These therapies are alternative to Allopathy and hence, can I stop taking medicinesA strict NO. We do not advice anyone to stop the medicines they are adviced to take. Our therapies make the progression / impact of the medicines faster.

  • Whats the difference between Acupuncture and SuJok?

    • Acupuncture is invented by the Chinese few thousands years ago and the energy meridians known as Qi in Chinese are punctured/pressured to stimulate/activate the related organs through which the meridians pass through, using thin needles or fingers.

      SuJok is using the correspondence points in the hands/feet for similar effects.

  • Any side effects in Acupuncture or SuJok?

    • Absolutely not. We use, mostly, acutouch and pressure or probes and hence no chance of any side effects.

  • What kind of issues are managed in Acupuncture and SuJok?

    • All kind of pains, allergies, headaches and migraines including chronic diseases. We also use seeds of plants and flowers to manage pains. This is Heal n Hales speciality.

  • Is there any age limits for Life Coaching or any particular category?

    • There is absolutely no age limit. A very well respected Professor of English Literature got bored of his job one day. He came to Heal n Hale and we guided him to realize his inner self/true potential/life purpose and he is a very happy man today. Students who are at cross roads, professionals, sportsmen/women and housewives come to us for Life Coaching

  • Is there a past life and if one gets in to a past life would it come back and haunt them?

    • For most of us there is past life. In many cases as many lives as one can imagine. PLR viz Past Life Regression is to help identify the issue and sort the same out while in trance. However, please be assured, your past life will never come back to haunt you

  • We hear that Pranic healing is possible from distance?

    • Absolutely. Distance healing is a recognized way of Pranic Healing. Its possible and the effect is the same whether in person or in distance.

  • Whats the time duration for a session in Hypno-Therapy? 

    • An hour approximately, per session

  • Can one go through both Hypno and Pranic together?

    • If you are coming to Heal n Hale, the answer is a definite YES!

Spiritual Healing Center, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Accupuncture, Life Coaching, Parenting


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